Why I Do What I Do

For me there was just never any question. In my professional life, I knew there was only one thing that I would do:

Help Entrepreneurs and the Leaders & Owners of Family and Privately-owned Businesses become successful. And ensure that whatever success they created was able to be passed on from one generation to the next in a seamless, painless fashion…the way it should be, the way it deserves to be.

I knew there were a host of ways in which the Owners & Leaders of Family and Privately-owned Businesses needed help and that I could provide it on several different levels, but I opted to provide the help in one of the most critical areas possible. And one of the most overlooked; Ownership Transference.

You see, I believe that when an Entrepreneur builds something, when they put all of their time & energy, money & sweat-equity into creating something, developing something, that “something” should be able to live on or be passed on through multiple generations without missing a beat after that Entrepreneur has decided the time has come for him or her to exit the business. I believe Entrepreneurs deserve to have that kind of a legacy established, and that the businesses they create deserve to be sustained in that type of fashion. That’s why working with them and guiding them through the process to develop the types of plans that ensure their legacies actually are established and that their businesses truly are sustained is what I do. And it is why I do what I do.


Your Legacy Established. Your Business Sustained.