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As a successful Business Leader you and your business have been committed to delivering products and/or services that are built to last, that stand the test of time. But what about the actual business itself, has it too been built to last, and is that your goal – for it to last? If so, have you taken the necessary steps to ensure it does last, and are you truly confident that it actually will? Having a business that will span multiple generations is not always the goal of every Business Owner. However if that is your desired intention, having an Ownership Transference plan will help ensure that your business successfully lives from one generation to the next. It’s a plan that’s customized and developed in accordance with your goals and your wishes. Whether Ownership of the business is transferred to the Next Generation or Key Employee(s), or whether the business is sold out right or completely closed, an Ownership Transference plan developed by Harry M. McCabe will give you the confidence of knowing that you have a strategic plan that will enable the seamless transfer of ownership, and the assurance that your business will stand the test of time.

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Ownership Transference To Family or Key Employee(s):

Which family members are involved in the business, or are the key employees?
What impact will your exit have on the business – Sales, Profits, Growth? Etc.
Will there be potential conflict with other non-family owners, or non key-employees?

Sell The Business:
To whom would the business be sold, for how much?
What events would trigger the sale?
Where will the buyer get the money?

Liquidate The Business:
What is the value of the business and a going concern?
What is the liquidation value of the business?
How will you or your family replace the income from the business?
What events would trigger the liquidation of the business?

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“It’s all about the planning.
The process is customized to meet your needs.”

-Harry McCabe


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