Experience Speaks…So Do Those Who Have Benefitted From It

Harry is extremely proud and honored to have been able to help many Business Owners craft customized Ownership Transference plans for their businesses, and is even more honored that several of them have been moved to speak of their experiences in working with Harry:

When I met Harry McCabe for the first time, I immediately thought I wanted him to present his process at our new business startup center.  After inviting Harry to tell me more about his services and how he helps business owners, I knew I needed to get him involved.  We were very pleased to have Harry participate in Entrepreneurs Week this year.  Harry knows his subject well and presented a practical, but little understood, concept in a most interesting way. Participant evaluations of this presentation were very positive and appreciative.

                            Kent Palmer, Business Librarian, Naperville Public Library

In the early 1980s, I started an Information Technology Service company. It was the right business at the right time and was successful. In 1985, I retained Harry McCabe to create a pension plan for my company. Harry advised me, and managed the Pension Plan until I sold the business in the late 1990s and retired. I did not have the skills and experience to create a secure financial future, but Harry did. I found Harry to be a great trustworthy advisor whom I can enthusiastically recommend.

Frank J. Burns, Owner
Burns Computing Services, Inc.

At the end of 2010 I retired from a firm I founded 30 years earlier. My wife, Diane and I turned over the ownership and responsibilities to our son, Tim, and daughter, Lauren. They continue to run the firm and it remains on a successful trajectory even in these challenging times for employee benefit and financial firms. The retirement from the firm and the enjoyment that my wife and I have, along with seeing our children be successful in the family business is due to good advanced planning. In this regard, I can’t say enough about the help that Harry gave us. His advice and counsel over about 6 years of working together to put in place the necessary parts of the McCabe Arch. His process contributed a great deal to our successful transition. Harry’s experience and wisdom allowed us to work on the needs of both generations in the business and develop the skills and resources we would need to achieve our objectives. Harry was one of the few people outside our firm to be invited to my retirement dinner and I was personally gratified that he came to Pennsylvania to share that special evening marking the culmination of the ownership transfer.  The literature on exit planning tells us that about 2 out of 3 owners are not happy after they leave their businesses. I can say that after three years I am very content with all we did and my life is very satisfying. Good advance planning makes all the difference and knowledgeable people like Harry make that possible.

Jonathan S. Corle
Founder of The Tycor Companies

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Harry on challenging issues with a number of mutual clients over the years. He’s always brought technical insight, breadth of knowledge, and an engaging analytical approach to each experience.

Bill Cotter, Lisle, IL

It has been my pleasure working with Harry over these past few years. He continues to be our very trusted advisor. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in estate and business succession matters. Additionally, Harry was very patient in explaining insurance, tax and estate technicalities in ways that my wife and I could understand. He listened carefully to our concerns and delivered the most appropriate solutions for our needs.

Jim Stoynoff, Chicago, IL

Harry McCabe is the Midwest’s best authority in Succession Planning, in fact, he wrote the book on that process. He will always be the first person that I would refer a client to for this most important “last act” of the entrepreneur business owner. There are so many things that can go wrong in passing a business on, whether it is to children, a valued employee or an outright sale, that a person of Harry’s experience base is critical to getting the job done right.

Stephen Hoxworth

I would like to share with you my experience with Harry McCabe. Harry and I had been acquaintances for years. I own 3 small businesses in the area and have multiple real estate holdings. My investments were all over the place, with no purpose- in a helter skeltar mess. Harry became our (Laura & I) financial quarterback and put all of our assets in order. We needed to separate companies for liability reasons. We established corporations to limit liability. We bought different insurance instruments to help us plan for the future. We feel like we have gone through “Financial Rehab”. Harry helped us immensely.

Frank Trilla, Westmont, IL

Just thinking of you and wanted to send you a quick e-mail to thank you for walking me through the succession planning process. It was very helpful to have a system to follow and sage advice along the way, as I came to an awareness of the path to follow. Thank you for being my sounding board and for being able to raise some questions to heighten my awareness.

Dennis, a Certified Public Accountant, Oak Park, IL

Harry was instrumental in provoking critical thought about our succession plan. After the plan was developed, he held us accountable to take action in implementing the necessary steps.

Richard C. Clouse, Jr., CRPS©, AIF®
President of Asset Management